Region 7 Awards:

The most popular tall bearded irises in Region 7 for 2015 can be seen here.

The Region has established four awards which can be awarded each fall. They are:

Regional Hard Worker Award - goes to a person who has contributed to Region 7 as a whole.

Recent Winners:
1993 Hilda Crick, Al Dierkes
1998 June Richards
1999 Catherine Averitt
2002 Hugh and Mary Thurman
2003 Lou Ehrcke
2004 Earnie Royal
2005 Jim Feilder
2006 Layton Gossage
2007 Linda Browning
2008 Marilyn Vernon
2009 Larry Browning
2010 Chuck Winters
2012 Caroline Winters
2014 Gale Maynard
2015 Greg and Macey McCullough
2016 Lorene Crone
Sue Ann Barnes
2017 Denise Flowers

Unsung Local Hero Award - goes to a person in a local society who is the person that you can call upon to do almost anything, is a worker on most projects, gives cooperation for everyone's projects, doesn't get much credit but still works, works, and works for the society.

Recent Winners:
1993 Trudy Lowe
1998 Millie Wilder
2000 Hazel Mayberry
2001 Robert Strohman
2002 Evelyn Irwin
2003 Mary and Carl Wolfe
2004 Estle Hughes
2005 Eleanor Boysen
2006 Jewel Hughes
2007 Barbara Schwartz
2008 Jim Wilson
2009 Badger and Carol Ann Carney
2010 David and Roycelea Scott
2012 Bill Brewer
2013 Ginny Russell
2014 Belinda Carroll
2015 Lessie Van Hook
2016 Ginny Russell
2017 Caroline Winters
2018 Jane Helman

Hybridizer of the Year - goes to a person who has done considerable or notable work in the area of hybridizing. It could be for a series of irises or even one extraordinary iris.

Recent Winners:
1999 Jimmy Burch
2000 George Slade
2001 Hugh Thurman
2003 Tom Parkhill
2004 Ed Roberts
2006 Betty Wilkerson
2009 John Van Hook
2010 Jim Ennenga
2015 Darnell Hester
2016 Lionel Austell

Youth Award - does he or she regularly attend club meetings? Does he or she volunteer to help at the local sale or other club events? Does he or she enter the annual show in horticulture division as well as design? Does he or she GROW iris? Does he or she ever attend a regional meeting?

Recent Winners:
2004 Stuart Reynolds
2007 Kameron Flowers

Deadline - The deadline for nominations is July 1st. The nomination consists of a letter from any Region 7 club member sent to the awards chairperson describing the activities of the nominee. The more details, the better the nomination. The trustees and Board of Directors are sent copies of each nomination and vote on their choice for each award. The actual awards are presented during the Fall Region 7 meeting.

Current Awards Chairperson:
Mary Lynne Lange
152 Edgemoor Drive
Lexington, KY 40503