Using Facebook for Irises:

If you are not already a user of Facebook, the first thing to do is sign up. This is easy -- just go to and fill out the information requested on the front page. You will be able to do lots of things there: keep up with individual friends, follow celebrities or causes, play games, etc. Here we'll mention a few of the iris-related activities.

AIS maintains a page, open to everyone. To connect to this, click on the link below.


Separately, AIS Region 7 maintains a closed group. This is a different sort of structure, in that people outside the group can see who is in it and can write messages to it, but only those people who are in the group can see what is posted there. This provides a little more privacy -- we allow only region 7 members and those with a close association with region 7 in the group. To join the group, first sign up on Facebook, and then send an e-mail message to Janet Wilson.

Some individual clubs and some AIS sections also maintain their own pages or groups.