Region 7 Hybridizers:

Several enthusiastic hybridizers are at work in Region 7.  Tennessee hybridizers include Tom Parkhill, Knoxville; Darnell Hester, Springfield; Lionel Austell, Clarksville; and Gary Sides, Nashville.


Miah Jane (Parkhill 2001, AM 07)     Chief John Jolly (Parkhill 2003, WM 12)

Kentucky hybridizers include Bill and Mary Grise, Richmond; Betty Wilkerson, Scottsville; Sam Norris and William Bruner, Owensboro; Dick Mathy, Lexington; Bob Strohman, Louisville; Earnie Royal, Kirksey; and John Van Hook, Somerset. 

Region 7 also presents a Hybridizer of the Year award.

Left - Doctor Alan (Sides, R. 1996); right - Gilded Cream (Wilkerson, R. 1995)

Left: Cherry Tea (Strohman, 1989)
Right: Memphis Miss (Wilkerson 2004, HM 2007) PHOTO: Robin Shadlow

Left: Royal Birth (Royal 2003, HM 07) PHOTO: Mike Ayers
Right: Opal Withers (John Van Hook 2005, HM 07) PHOTO: John Van Hook

Many other pollen daubers are hard at work in the Region and we look forward to seeing their introductions, while remembering those no longer with us.

Left: John's Leprechaun (Thurman, 2002) PHOTO: Janet Wilson
Right: Madam President (Thurman, 2001)

Left: Oriental Eyes (Vogt 1984, PA 88, Payne Medal 93) PHOTO: Ensata Gardens
Right: Lilac Peaks (Vogt 1987, PA 91) PHOTO: Ensata Gardens