AIS Region 7 -- Hybridizers

Winners of Region 7's Hybridizer of the year award can be found on the Awards page.

Several enthusiastic hybridizers are at work in Region 7 including:

  • Lionell Austell (Clarksville, TN)
  • William Bruner (Owensboro, KY)
  • Mell Cross (Bluff City, TN)
  • William and Mary Grise (Richmond, KY)
  • Darnell Hester (Springfield, TN)
  • Linda Mann (Kingston, TN)
  • Ernest Royal (Kirksey, KY)
  • Gary Sides (Nashville, TN)
  • Robert Strohman (Louisville, KY)
  • John Van Hook (Somerset, KY)
Gladys Austell
Austell 2010
Kentucky Thoroughbred (LA)
Blue Mountain Cloud
Mann 2016
Coconut Ruffles Returns
Mann 2018
Lemon Ripple
Mann 2014
Royal Birth
Royal 2003 HM2007
Doctor Alan (left) Gilded Cream (right)
Sides 1997; Wilkerson 1995
Cherry Tea (SDB)
Strohman 1989
Madame President (SDB)
Thurman 2001

Many other pollen daubers are hard at work in the region and we look forward to seeing their introductions.

Remembering those hybridizers who are no longer with us is equally important and their contributions are worthy of remembrance. A few recently deceased region 7 hybridizers include:

  • Tom Parkhill
  • Hugh Thurrman
  • Betty Wilkerson
  • Adolph Vogt
  • Miah Jane
    (Parkhill 2001 AM07)
    Chief John Jolly
    (Parkhill 2003 WM12)
    Memphis Miss
    (Wilkerson 2004, HM07)
    Oriental Eyes
    (Vogt 1984 PA88, PM93)
    Lilac Peaks
    (Vogt 1987 PA01)
    Opal Withers
    (Van Hook 2005 HM07)