AIS Region 7 Fall 2021 Meeting

Due to recent spread of the Delta variant, the Fall meeting has been cancelled for the health and safety of our members.  This is the fifth meeting cancelled due to Covid.

AIS Region 7 Winter 2022 Potluck

 Typically, the winter potluck happens on the last weekend in February (2/26/22).  When the location and date is confirmed, it will be posted here.   

AIS Region 7 Spring 2022 Meeting

The Greenville Iris Society will be hosting the spring 2022 meeting on May 6-8, 2022.  Guest Speakers will be Bonnie and Hooker Nichols.  More information will be posted as we receive it.

AIS Region 7 Fall 2022 Meeting

The Bluegrass Iris Society will be hosting the fall 2022 meeting.  More information will be posted as we receive it.

AIS Region 7 Meetings

Historically members of Region 7 gather three times annually -- winter, spring, and fall.   

  • The winter meeting is generally a non-business potluck.
  • Judges training (exhibition and garden) is a major focus of the spring meeting.
  • Awards ceremonies and rhizome auction of newer varieties are highlights of the fall meeting.

COVID-19 restrictions started in late February 2020 and five meetings have been cancelled.  We will resume in-person meetings when for the health of our members it feels safe.

Year Winter Spring Fall
2022 TBD Greeneville Iris Society -- Greeneville, TN
May 6-9
Bluegrass Iris Society -- Lexington, KY
2021 Cancelled (Covid-19) Cancelled (Covid-19) Cancelled (Covid-19)
2020 Henry Horton
Barb and Chuck Bunnell
Feb 22-23
Cancelled (Covid-19) Cancelled (Covid-19)
2019 Henry Horton
Anita Moran
Feb 23-24
Dwarf Iris
JAIS -- Jackson
May 3-4
Barren River Lake State Park
Jim and Jean Morris
Oct 25-27
Ethics, Awards and Ballots
2018 Henry Horton
Jim Wilson
Feb 24-25
Species, Species-X
MTIS -- Nashville
Debbie and Earnie Royal
April 27-29
TBs, Garden
Barren River ST, KY
Bob Strohman / Sue Barnes
September 28-30
Bulbous irises
2017 Henry Horton
Hugh Stout
Feb 25-28
BGIS -- Lexington
Jody Nolin
May 12-14
Garden / Judging
Barren River SP, KY
Dell Perry
Sep. 23-24
2016 Henry Horton
Steve Poole
Feb 27-28
Stalks / seeds
MSIA -- Murfreesboro
Chuck Winters
Robert Hollingsworth
Oct 8-9
2015 Henry Horton
Lorene Crone
Feb 28-Mar 1
Awwards / Ballots
Iris City -- Dixon
Larry and Linda Browning
May 2-3
Montgomery Bell SP
Bonnie Nichols
Oct 3-4
2014 Henry Horton
Judy Keisling
Feb 22-23
LAIS - Louisville
Jody Nolin
May 10-11
TSIS -- Paris Landing SP
Carolyn Hawkins
Sep 13-14
Design / ethics
2013 Henry Horton
Jim Wilson
Feb 23-24
JAIS -- Jackson
Dana Brown
Apr 27-28
BGIS -- Lexington
Sue Ann Barnes
Sep 21-22
2012 Henry Horton
Jim Wilson
Lorene Crone
Feb 25-26
Awards / Ballots
WTIS -- Germantown
Eric Tankersley-Clark
April 21-22
TSIS -- Lebanon
Steve Poole
Oct 27-28

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