AIS Region 7 Fall 2021 Meeting

We are Meeting at Barren River Lake State Resort Park all day on Saturday September 18 and Sunday morning September 19, 2021. I hope you can make it.

Phil Williams will be our featured speaker. Phil will train us on a subject we have not covered in over a decade -- judging seedlings on the show bench.  For several decades, Phil's Rockytop Garden has assisted hybridizers in evaluating their seedlings for registration and introduction.  We all look forward to learning from Phill's valued expertise in this area.

We will also be having an auction of iris rhizomes (potted or not) as well as iris-related items.

  • Bob Strohman is bringing many items from the estate of June Richards.
  • Loreen Crone is potting rhizomes.
  • We hope that others also provide newer iris varieties as well.

Our fall 2021 meeting is a return to normal.  We will be conducting normal business as well as planning meetings for 2022 and beyond.

We have negotiated special room rates for a limited time frame ending at 5pm CDT on August 17. If you reserve your room later than this time, you will not receive our negotiated price.  So please reserve your room ASAP.

If you want to book Saturday night only, you will have to call 800-325-0057 and provide group code 3651.  There are plenty of rooms in our roomblock.  Please be pleasant, yet persistant with reservation agent.

If you want to book both Friday and Saturday night, you can either call the number above or use the website link below.  Please enter group code 3651 as illustrated.

Barren River Start Park Reservations

While you're at it, also send your $35.00 registration fee to: Caroline Winters 6571 Swarthmore Dr; Memphis, TN 38119

AIS Region 7 Meetings

Historically members of Region 7 gather three times annually -- winter, spring, and fall.   

  • The winter meeting is generally a non-business potluck.
  • Judges training (exhibition and garden) is a major focus of the spring meeting.
  • Awards ceremonies and rhizome auction of newer varieties are highlights of the fall meeting.

COVID-19 restrictions started in late February 2020 and four meetings have been cancelled.  Given planned vaccination timelines, Region 7 is planning to resume gathering with the Fall 2021 meeting.  The Greeneville Iris Society had planned on hosting spring 2020, moved to 2021, moved again to 2022.  As future meeting dates and locations becomes available, it will be posted below,

Year Winter Spring Fall
2022 TBD Greeneville Iris Society
2021 Cancelled (Covid-19) Cancelled (Covid-19) WTIS
Barren River SP KY 
Scott Hall
Sep. 18-19
2020 Henry Horton
Barb and Chuck Bunnell
Feb 22-23
Cancelled (Covid-19) Cancelled (Covid-19)
2019 Henry Horton
Anita Moran
Feb 23-24
Dwarf Iris
JAIS -- Jackson
May 3-4
Barren River Lake State Park
Jim and Jean Morris
Oct 25-27
Ethics, Awards and Ballots
2018 Henry Horton
Jim Wilson
Feb 24-25
Species, Species-X
MTIS -- Nashville
Debbie and Earnie Royal
April 27-29
TBs, Garden
Barren River ST, KY
Bob Strohman / Sue Barnes
September 28-30
Bulbous irises
2017 Henry Horton
Hugh Stout
Feb 25-28
BGIS -- Lexington
Jody Nolin
May 12-14
Garden / Judging
Barren River SP, KY
Dell Perry
Sep. 23-24
2016 Henry Horton
Steve Poole
Feb 27-28
Stalks / seeds
MSIA -- Murfreesboro
Chuck Winters
Robert Hollingsworth
Oct 8-9
2015 Henry Horton
Lorene Crone
Feb 28-Mar 1
Awwards / Ballots
Iris City -- Dixon
Larry and Linda Browning
May 2-3
Montgomery Bell SP
Bonnie Nichols
Oct 3-4
2014 Henry Horton
Judy Keisling
Feb 22-23
LAIS - Louisville
Jody Nolin
May 10-11
TSIS -- Paris Landing SP
Carolyn Hawkins
Sep 13-14
Design / ethics
2013 Henry Horton
Jim Wilson
Feb 23-24
JAIS -- Jackson
Dana Brown
Apr 27-28
BGIS -- Lexington
Sue Ann Barnes
Sep 21-22
2012 Henry Horton
Jim Wilson
Lorene Crone
Feb 25-26
Awards / Ballots
WTIS -- Germantown
Eric Tankersley-Clark
April 21-22
TSIS -- Lebanon
Steve Poole
Oct 27-28

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