AIS Region 7 Happenings

Early in the twentieth century, Tennesseean school children selected the passion flower (maypop) as the official state flower.  As flower gardening gained favor in the 1930's, enthusiasts urged lawmakers to make irises the state flower. It took nearly 40 years to resolve this discontent.  In 1973, the passion flower became Tennessee's state wildflower and the family "Iridaceae" became Tennessee's official state cultivated flower.  This act named the entire iris family (all-inclusive).  No single species or variety was specified.

Within AIS region 7, the following native iris species can be found:

One additional, introduced and invasive iris species prevalent within the region is Iris Pseudacorus.

Every year, the Greene County Partnership Chamber of Commerce (TN) conducts an iris festival. The dates for 2021 are: May 15-16 and attracts visitors from several surrounding states.

iris garden